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Profit Yourself Healthy (PYH) Academy

Profit Yourself Academy (PYH) will help you focus on the key elements needed to make your business profitable. Each week you will focus on a different area of the business that affects your profitability. You will learn all those things about your business that you were never taught in school or when you bought that business.


Introduction to the Profit Yourself Healthy Academy

1.Video: Academy Welcome

Watch video

2. "How Your Business Works: Universal Business Model" 

View the PDF

Chapter 1

Getting Your Head In The Game - Planning For Profit

Click on title to watch a video or view a PDF file.

1. Video: How Your Business Really Works Part

2. Video: How Your Business Really Works Part 2  

3. Video: Playing to Win 

4. Video: Stop Your Bleeding 

5. Video: Your Business Strategy

5. PDF Document: Simple Strategic Planning White Paper PYH 

6. Video: Strategy How Are You Going to Get There? 

7. Video: Strategy What Bait Will You Use?

8. Video: Strategy Capturing Profits

9. Video: What is Holding You Back?

10. PDF: Goal Setting Exercise Instructions and Worksheet

11. Video: Using The One Page Plan with Guest Steven Beaman 

12. PDF Document: Goal Setting Business Worksheet

13. PDF Document: Business Plan One Page Guide

14. PDF Document: Business Builder - Your Year Review 

Business Meeting

Chapter 2

Mobile and web advertising

Attracting More Customers- How To Market Effectively in a Digital Age

Chapter 3

How To Raise Your Margins and Keep Customers

Happy Customer

Chapter 4

Fists in Solidarity

Every Brain in the Game - Getting Your Team Working

Chapter 6

Vertical File Cabinet

How to Reduce Your Stress and Have More Time! The Power of Systems

Chapter 8

Financial Data

Understanding Your Financial Situation Clearly

Chapter 10

Book Store Owner

Creating A Valuable Company You Can Sell One Day

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