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Profit Yourself Healthy

Earn More, Worry Less

Increase Your Sales

Improve Your Profitability

Reduce Business Stress

You need business systems in place that enable you to make money and have a business that isn’t always reliant on you!

We can show you how...

Your business doesn't have to be reliant on you 

Building your business doesn't have to be overwhelming 

Your business can make you the money you need 

Your employees can be efficient and productive 

You can fix the problem, let us show you how

Trying to manage and run a business on your own can be confusing, overwhelming, and make you feel frustrated.

You’ve done the best you know-how, but it’s still not enough.

We know you’ve worked hard to build your business and get it profitable and you deserve to have one that really does work for you to enable you to put money in the bank and be ready for retirement.

Business Meeting

The Key To Turning Your Business Into Something Valuable!

At PivotLeader we help owners like you, get results!

Everything we do focuses on these components:

Reducing your stress so you can make more money and stay healthy

Making your business valuable and creating a system so you don't have to be there 

Creating value to your customers and putting money in your bank


And if you need it, building an exit strategy 

Here’s how we help:

Helping you Get Your Business Profitable

There are 7 areas that you can focus on to get your business profitable but most companies only focus on 2! Let us help you come up with a plan to get this business working for you.

Systems Strategy


Is it possible to create a business that works without you? Yes it is! By building proven systems within your business you will reduce stress in the company and make more money

Every Brain in the Game



Unmotivated staff are a challenge. There is nothing more frustrated than working with a team that doesn’t get it. Let us help you engage your team to reduce stress and have better outcomes. 

Exit Strategy and succession planning


Everyone will retire from their business at some point. The question is, will you be able to sell it? Does it have any value? Unfortunately most businesses can’t be sold because they are not valuable. Let us help you come up with a plan so when you want to leave, you have something worth selling.

You can build a business that works for you and we can help you, we have proved that over and over!

Read What Others Have To Say

Businessman Using Laptop

Jeff & William, Dunne Za Backcountry Adventures 

They were helpful in helping us with a business plan, writing a marketing plan and building out marketing materials, and building a new website for us.  As a result we have had much more interest in our backcountry business. This will help our community in the future as we attempt to create meaningful employment with our youth and share our culture and beauty with the outside world.

Alyson McHugh, President Coldstream Nature-Based Solutions

Without the help of Pivotleader and their team, we would have struggled to get our business to the next level. The team at Pivotleader have helped us understand the feasibility of our business model, understand the market for our services and come up with a plan to diversify our customer base outside of our traditional use area and local valley. Pivotleader helped us develop systems that have enabled us to hire more staff.  

C.B Prince George

Dave and Norm's relaxed, confident approach pairs instruction with knowledge-sharing, offering a cogent blend of real-world examples, data-based research, and candid personal experience from which anybody in any stage of career can benefit. Pivotleader Workshops are well-paced, direct, and entertaining, and comfortable class size makes open discussion feel collaborative. Highly recommended for anybody in a leadership position--or aiming to be 

Why Work With PivotLeader and the Profit Yourself Healthy Team?

We get it. You got into your business because you were passionate about having your own independence and ability to control your destiny. However, you are here because your business is now controlling you, and life seems out of control. We have been there!


We have owned our own companies and had times where we have been overwhelmed. However having worked through those times and helped over 300 leaders in their businesses over the past 6 years we have developed systems that work for enabling you to build a profitable business that doesn’t always rely on you to serve your customers. Reach out and schedule a call.

What Makes Us Different?

Most self professed “business coaches” and business consultants have never owned and run successful companies doing millions of dollars in sales with dozens of employees. There is a big difference between running a consulting company with a couple people and running a retail or manufacturing, or service company with a bunch of people!

Three Steps To Getting Your Business Making More Money With Less Stress



We will help you figure out the steps you need to focus on to get your business working for you and get through these challenging times or take on that new opportunity.



The Pivotleader team will support you as you implement your plan and grow your business. This might mean helping you with  HR, Cashflow, Marketing, Sales, Leadership development, Systems, Time management, Goal Setting, Strategic Plans, Exit Succession Planning, or just keeping accountable to moving forward.



Once you get your business working you will be able to relax and take those holidays that you have always wanted.  We have proven it over and over again with the companies we have worked with.

Buy The Book

More About The Book 

“You Can Earn More and Worry Less with Your Business!”


Dave Fuller, MBA

“Many business owners are just a few months away from having a business that really works for them, where their staff know what to do, where the customers are happy to pay for your great products or services, and you are putting money in the bank. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t know the key steps to making this happen.”

– Dave Fuller

Your Business Needs to Make More Profits!! Profit Yourself Healthy is a book that will put you and your business on the right track to earning more money and reducing your stress levels. 

profit yourself healthy book


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