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Business owners and

Managers need two things!

1. To Earn more Money - Because Most Small Businesses aren't really that profitable and business owners need cash to live the life they dream of, and use that money to make a difference in their communities and the world. .

2. To Reduce Their Stress Levels- Because owning and running a small business often leads to, fatigue, relationship issues and burnout.

Dave helps business owners get quick results with strategies he has used in his businesses,  so they can Earn More and Worry Less

Training and Courses: If you want an easy way to create value for the members of your group or association, your business customer or franchisees, Dave can help you do this. Dave is a sought after trainer and leader. His courses in Profitability and Business Effectiveness are designed in such a way as to help your participants gain knowledge that they can use to move their businesses forward and reduce their stress levels. Courses and training are branded with your logos and are presented in such a way as to make you be seen as creating valuable support.  We provide all the online technology - you just show up and look great!

One-on-One Coaching:

One-on-One coaching with Dave is a private, confidential, and effective way of moving your business forward. Custom designed for you and your business situation, One-on-One coaching will move you quickly towards success. Dave has a proven track record with business owners who have become more profitable and happier as a result of One-on-One coaching. This private coaching can be done with you individually or with your partners. Email Dave and get started


"The best part of Dave's coaching is that he brought back my entrepreneurial drive and my want to succeed in my business" - T.W.

Online Group Coaching: Profit Yourself Healthy Academy: Group coaching is an effective way to enjoy the benefits of a business coach at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching. Each session of the PYH Academy has a focused topic of discussion, and you will benefit from the learning environment as well as learn from others in the group. While there is less privacy than one-on-one coaching, there are more opportunities to benefit from the wisdom of others in the group. Group coaching is a proven way to move your business forward and become accountable for your success.  Click Here for Much More Information on the Academy Program

"I am pleased to say that by using strategies that I learned from the Profit Yourself Healthy Group coaching, that our business has doubled it's bottom line" - CT Ontario


Dave is an engaging and motivating speaker who can help your organization or association by adding value to what you offer your membership. Dave is able to speak on a variety of topics related to owning and running small business in a sustainable and profitable fashion. Contact us to get a full list of seminar topics, availability, and pricing

Strategic Planning and Business Development

If you are looking for some outside help to enable your business to get to another level by helping you come up with focused, practical and visionary business planning, engage Dave to help you. Dave is available to help you facilitate one day or two day working sessions on your premises with your team to come up with plans that will actually work to move you forward!

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