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1. Profit Yourself Healthy is loaded with information that will help you take your business to the next level.  Having a physical copy makes it easier for you to stay focused and read it at your leisure. Packed with stories of business successes and challenges, this book Profit Yourself Healthy covers the key areas you need to focus on to really getting your business profitable. Learn what you need to do to have a business that is low stress and is valuable when you go to sell it! Get on the road to having your business start working for you like you dreamed it should.


2. You know someone who needs this book to get their business working and reduce their stress. By ordering the book now you will be giving them a gift that can really make a difference in their life.

Each chapter comes with action steps that you can follow so you can start making real changes that will take your small business to the next level.


3. Order your book here and have it signed with a personal message from Dave. That won't happen anywhere else!


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I guarantee it will help you in your business or your money back!

What People have said About the book

Profit Yourself Healthy!

Dave Fuller has written a handbook for small business owners. In plain English, this book delivers powerful stories and direct advice that de-mystifies business and will put more money in your pocket. A powerful read, and full of simple action steps.

Robert Sher author of Mighty Midsized Companies & a veteran CEO

Profit Yourself Healthy, by Dave Fuller, is a must-read for anyone who is a small business owner.Dave gives a great overview of business effectiveness fundamentals, along with exercises to make his instruction personal for you. The true stories interwoven make this an interesting and fun read, in addition to being instructive. This is a great book for business people and a great gift for someone you know who wants to do it right!

Jon Denney

President, Professional Business Coaches Alliance – USA

Author of Unstuck

Profit Yourself Healthy will help you in every aspect of your business, big or small. Dave has had along career as a successful businessman and his coaching methods are proven and effective. I know this because Dave has coached me in several key areas of my business and I have seen positive results. If you don’t have Dave as a business coach, the next best thing is to get a copy of Profit Yourself Healthy and use it. I know it will help you.

Bruce W. Cole

Publisher, CNHR Magazine

This is my new go-to resource book for my clients. Dave Fuller has managed to clearly and practically capture the major issues that my clients are facing and he offers down to earth, easily accessible advice to help owners turn their situation around. I love the way that Dave takes a whole systems approach - from the health of the owner to the health of the business and even the health of the family. It is so important today, when we are all bombarded with information that can be overwhelming, that we can find practical advice delivered in a manageable, interesting and enticing format. Well done Dave, this is definitely a book for my client Christmas list.

Lisë Stewart

President and Founder

Galliard International and the Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute

I was blown away by the sheer amount of information provided in this entertaining, encouraging, and easy-to-read business book. Dave Fuller makes the reader feel like he’s with them every step of the way while they turn their business around. He teaches us about business as a whole and delves into every aspect of the business from analysis all the way through customer service, sales and advertising, and on to pricing, reporting, and planning. He shares stories, ideas, and formulas and provides real tools for business owners who are working hard and want to start making the profit they well deserve. Turning around a business can be an arduous task, but Profit Yourself Healthy provides us with the information and encouragement we need to make it happen!
-Jodi Robertson
Business Owner

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