Imagine making real money.  Making 6 figures or more, from your small business doing exactly what you love and having the lifestyle that you dreamed about when you became an entrepreneur and a business owner! Unfortunately up to 60% of all Business owners struggle with getting their business making real money. Many more are stressed out with the details, not knowing where to start, being overwhelmed!


Does this sound familiar to you?



  • You are spending too many hours in your business and feel overwhelmed.

  • You wish you could afford to hire another person just to help you out because the stress of the business is starting to affect your health.

  • You have put years into building your business and now you would like your business to build your bank account.

  • You are tired of not knowing how to get your business working the way you know it should

  • You are regularly drawing on your line of credit to pay your bills. 

  • You feel resentful when you sign your checks because your suppliers and some of your employees are making more than you are.

  • You have good sales volume yet you are unsure if you will have enough money to retire.

  • You have put your life savings into your business and are not sure how you are going to get it out.


I have great news for you  …You are definitely now at the right place! We have a program that can help you! Only $199/Month Inc GST


Yes. You are At the Right Place!


My name is Dave Fuller and I am the author of the book Profit Yourself Healthy.  Yes, I do have an MBA and am a Certified Professional Business Coach but, like you, I am a small business owner.  I own several small businesses with over 30 employees and millions of dollars in sales each year.  I know what it’s like to struggle in business, but I also know what it’s like to make wonderful profits. I have used my profits to employ more people to do my work so I could: spend more time with my family and friends, go back to school and get an MBA, travel, enjoy holidays, and put money away for my retirement.  I still have my businesses and go in one or two days a week to help keep the businesses on track.


As a Small Business Coach, I love to see my clients change their lives by improving their businesses and making them profitable. It is so gratifying to hear a client contact me and tell me how much of a difference my work has made in their life!


So what’s my Secret to Making  Businesses Profitable

and Keeping them that Way?


There are key areas in every business that can be tuned up. When you spend time to improve these areas, you can make a phenomenal difference to the bottom line of any business. When you implement certain structures or systems into the business so that your whole team working together as a whole, your stress levels will go down.


This stuff isn’t brain science and any entrepreneur and business owner can learn it. When you learn it and know it, you will apply it to your current business, and any future business that you own, and you will get results.  You will make more money and, with this extra money, you can live the lifestyle you choose.  That might include going into the business every day but perhaps, like me, you will be able to step back and watch your investment produce for you.  Through the Profit Yourself Healthy Academy, I will teach you not only how to make profits but how to implement the systems you need in your business, so that you can reduce your stress and worry.


So What is the Profit Yourself Healthy Academy?

The PYH Academy is designed for busy business owners like you who need an inexpensive way of getting the knowledge you need to understand how to make your business profitable. The program is a group coaching model where you meet online 2X per month with other business owners and focus on the key areas of your business to improve profitability. The PYH Academy will help you understand the key elements needed to make a business profitable.  You are about to learn all those things that you were never taught about running your business in school or when you bought that business.  You will learn the Proven 6 Key Areas to focus on to make your business profitable and keep it that way! You will also discover the key things you need to do to put the systems in place to reduce your stress levels and have a business that works on autopilot!


Here is a sample of what you’ll discover when you dig into the program :


How to Distinguish Your Business from Your Competition

Gaining clarity on what you need to do take your business to the next level

How To Sell More with Less Effort to your Existing customers

Find out the secrets of selling more to your existing customers and keeping them happy.

Find out How To Get More Done With Less Stress

Let's face it as business owners many of us are stressed and overworked. Learn how to solve that problem.


Marketing in the Digital Age

Learn how you can get more out of your advertising and marketing including on Facebook and Online


Improving Your Conversion Rates for Greater Profit

Clearly understand why people don't buy from you, and implement strategies that will reduce customer risks and help you get more buyers


Understand Your Financial Situation

You will look forward to getting your monthly financial statements when you know what you should be looking for, and how to understand them.  This program will help you with that!

How To Increase Your Average Sale

Uncover ways that you can increase your average sale

How to Increase Your Margins without Losing Customers

You will learn what you can focus on to increase your Margins and make more money for everything you do.

How To Increase Your Average Sale

Uncover ways that you can increase your average sale

How to reduce your expenses for greater profit

Discover where you are most likely to find expenses that you can cut


How The Program Works


The PYH Academy is designed for the busy owner or manager of a small business who needs to learn more about how to take the business to the next level.  It consists of two parts.  Online self-directed training through our training center, and group coaching calls. The idea is to make it easy for you to learn what you need.


We have had owners take our programs and just do the readings and videos and listen to the group calls at their leisure and get great results. 


We have had others who have only participated in the group calls and didn't do much of the reading and have wonderful changes happen in their business.


The key is to do what works best for you, but to implement as much as you can in your business so you get awesome results that you want.


Don't be overwhelmed but get excited that you can start learning and implementing little things that will get you the results you need in time.

Group Coaching Calls


There are two group coaching calls on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month where we will go through the focus of the month and help you determine the best methods of approaching the issues at hand.


You will be able to share your successes and challenges and learn and help others with the best practices. These calls are available online or by phone.

Can't Make a Training? No worries, they are recorded in case you are tied up!


The object of the academy is to help you get your business working properly for you so that you have more time to enjoy your life outside the business!


Training and Course Materials


These are dripped slowly to you over the month based on the topic of the month.  You will have time to focus on your business and try out new ideas and concepts right away without being overwhelmed. You can do them on your own time

Cost of the Program

There are other business training out there that will cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per month.  Initially we had a regular price for the PYH Academy of $499/ month.  We had business owners like you signing up. But we realized that for many small business owners that might be a hardship. Money that they needed for their family and for the business. So we have reduced the price. The new cost of the program is now only $199./month includes 5% gst


I am pleased to say that by using strategies that I learned from the Profit Yourself Healthy Group Course, that our business has doubled its bottom line" - CT Ontario


Get Started Now 100% Guaranteed! 


Profit Yourself Healthy 100% Guarantee: 


My reputation as a Certified Professional Business Coach is built on getting results, and I won’t let that reputation be tarnished because you are not 100% satisfied.  I totally Guarantee that you will get results with the Profit  Builder Program. I only ask that you give the program a try. If at any time you think that you haven’t made more money than you have paid out, I will gratefully give you a full refund! All you have to do is ask!

The best part of Dave's coaching is that he brought back my entrepreneurial drive and my want to succeed in my business" - T.W.


About Dave Fuller

Dave Fuller, MBA, is a Certified Professional Business Coach and the author of Profit Yourself Healthy. He has over 30 years of business experience owning and running his own businesses. Dave knows what it's like to struggle in business and knows how to make Healthy Profits. Dave's mission is to help business owners who are having difficulties get to a point where they regain their confidence and profitability.

Dave has retail, wholesale, manufacturing, property management, and real estate experience that he can draw on when helping clients achieve their goals. Dave was a founding member of two community organizations that were successful in achieving significant change. He is able to speak to large crowds and has tremendous media experience. Join one of the classes or group coaching sessions or contact Dave directly to start moving your business forward with one on one coaching.

To recap, here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the
Profit Yourself Healthy Profit Academy

  • 2x monthly group coaching sessions every month where we will be going over the key factors that influence profitability in your business.

  • Education and training materials are released weekly so that you are not overwhelmed.

  • A chance to share your knowledge with other small business owners and gain some great ideas from them on what has worked to improve their profitability.

  • Time to ask your questions each step of the way so that you are clear about the concepts we are covering.

  • Access into our exclusive training center where you will be guided through each course module as they become available, designed  to be quick and simple to navigate and integrate.

  • Recording of the Academy sessions in case you can’t make one or you need to listen again.


Get Started Now 100% Guaranteed!

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