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Why I am Killing my Online Business School!

Three years ago I started the Profit Yourself Healthy Academy business Course with dreams of making a difference in the lives of business owners…helping them earn more and worry less!

And to that end it has been tremendously successful! (read some of the testimonials at the end)

But I noticed that while the business owners and their staff were taking advantage of the monthly online community calls, increasing their knowledge, learning from others, and growing their business month after month, they weren’t using the online course content.

When I asked why they were participating in the group but not using course materials they told me things like…

“I love the monthly calls but it was hard getting onto the online platform”

“I can never remember my password”

“I want to learn but I don’t want to take a course!”

“I love interacting with the other business owners during the zoom meetings but I can’t discipline myself to go through course content”

“The online course feels like school and I didn’t like school”

And they are right…. Most business owners and managers don’t have time to go online to take a course, even if that course is videos and downloadable useable systems that will benefit their business.

I get it, I have signed up for three online courses in the past couple years and didn’t finish any of them even though I paid some good money!

So as of December 2018, the Profit Yourself Healthy Business Academy is Dead, Kaput, Finished!

I apologize now to those people who are signed up…. I will transition you to the new program!

But its like that in business…. We need to stop and re-evaluate what and why we are doing things sometimes, and if we are not delivering value, or great service, or a part of our business is not profitable, or causes us stress, we need to change the model.

So I am changing the model and offering a new service for owners and managers that want to take their business and themselves to new heights.

ABC Business Support Program that is guaranteed to get you results.

The ABC Business Support Program is focused in 3 areas, Accountability, Business Essentials and community.

Here is what the 3 things that you will gain when you join the ABC Business Support Program

A. Accountability – My clients get results because I keep them accountable! The core of this program is that I will do the same for you. Each Friday afternoon I will send you an email with 3 questions

1. What did you do this week?

2. What are you going to do next week?

3. Is there anything else on your mind or that you want to share?

Its that simple. You spend 10 minutes answering the questions or less and reply to me. On Monday or Tuesday in the following week, I will give you support and get back to you personally with some comments or insights.

B. Business Essentials- I know some of you have started your business because you are passionate about what you do, but you might not have all the tools you need to understand how your business works and what you can do to tune it up. I will include links in the weekly email to the business videos and pdf’s, best practices, and systems, that are linked to the theme of the month. Whether you use them is totally up to you and your need for that knowledge.

C. Community – It can be lonely running a business and this group enables you to share your stories and hear what others are going through our monthly call in. Join or not each month, its totally up to you, but some of the best insights are when we are helping others out!

I get that business can be tough, for over 30 years I ran my own businesses, with dozens of employees selling millions of dollars of products each and every year. Now my passion is to support business leaders like you to get the results you need.

Sign up now and I will guarantee that you will get results in the coming months with the ABC Business Support Program or I will give you all your money back! The cost of the ABC Business Support program is $97/ month plus GST (Canada) or pay annually ($997 plus GST) and save. Join Now!

What People are Saying!

Dave, I love your academy and find it of great value to stay motivated and focused on important things to make businesses run smooth and effective. There are always so many little details and it is good to hear from other business owners, who share their experience, strengths and struggles to help us grow. Kathy Hart

The Profit Yourself Healthy Academy Program includes regular interactive webinars on business concepts like strategic planning, budgeting, advertising, sales training, reporting structure and systems development. This course has helped our team learn the necessary business fundamentals, while taking full accountability, to create a profitable and fulfilling company. Natalie Friese

"I am pleased to say that by using strategies that I learned from the online Profit Yourself Healthy Group coaching, that our business has doubled it's bottom line" - CT Ontario

"Dave has been helping me guide my small business from being a company that sells on price to one that sells on experience and quality. He asks simple but direct questions that have you really think about who you are targeting, what you are selling and why they should care. My monthly billing has increased on average by 50%." Matt

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