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Owning your own business can be wonderful, and you might have gotten into business because you wanted:

  • To be your own boss and have a say in what you do every day

  • To make money doing what you love, what you were made for!

  • To live the lifestyle. You saw other business owners with leisurely time to spend with their families and you would love to have that. You knew that you would have to put in extra hours at the start but hoped the future would be better.

  • To have job security.You didn’t want anyone else to tell you when to quit or change your job!

  • To make more money.Let’s face it, business ownership is supposed to be lucrative, and some business owners seem to have lots of money to splash around on fancy cars, clothes, and trips.

  • To change the world one customer at a time.As a business owner you have the chance to make a difference in so many lives and that’s what you love about owning your business.

  • To have the comradery. Owning a business is like being part of a club; other business owners respect you and look at you as an equal because you share a special bond.

  • To create jobs for others.Maybe you love the fact that what you do is important to your employees and their families and, to a greater extent, the whole community. Owning a business does increase the impact you have.

There are a zillion other reasons why you might have gotten into business.  Perhaps you got into business as a necessity to support your family, or perhaps you got into a family business because “you had to”, or maybe you had your own reason for owning a business that you have never shared with anyone else.


As a small business owner, you have put in the hours, the sweat, and the toil. You have taken the abuse, the stress, and the worry, and it seems sometimes that so many others have made money from your risk and investment.  But owning a business is Only the Beginning!

You also need to know:

  • How to get more people to want what you have to offer.  This sounds easy and there are many marketing guru’s that can give you an easy formula. But we both know that the way our businesses are reaching customers is changing, and this challenge is downright confusing at times. Top that up with the fact that there seems to be more and more competition due to the use of technology! It’s harder to make a profit if we can’t reach the customers we need to sell to!

  • How to turn all your work into profit. You might think that you are doing so many things right and you probably are, but sometimes there are a few small areas of business knowledge that we are missing that is key to turning a profit. 


My guess is that you got into business because you loved what you are doing or were a trained expert. Chances are that what you loved or were trained in wasn’t business. I am an expert in business! On top of an MBA, I have run my own businesses and have made good profit doing so. In addition, I am a trained business coach and have worked with many business owners to help them make their businesses profitable. I know what it takes and where to focus when it comes to making your business profitable. I can teach you:

  • How to reach potential new customers and get them to start buying from you on a regular and frequent basis.

  • How to get your current customers to buy more from you so that you can benefit from the hard work it took to get them in the first place.

  • How to figure out why some of those old customers of yours have left and how to prevent that from happening in the future.

  • What you need to do to get your staff fired up and eager to give your customers the service they deserve and that you want them to have.

  • What you can do to increase your average sale.

  • How to price your product or service so that you can get the most for what you do while still giving your customers the best value.

  • How to increase your margins without turning customers away.

  • Where to look in your business to cut expenses.

  • How to create value in your business so you have something to sell when you have finished your marathon.


When it comes to getting your business really profitable it is CRUCIAL that you understand the key elements that will lead to your success as a business owner because, if you don’t, it’s going to take you a lot longer to start earning good money by learning through the school of hard knocks!

When you join the Profit Yourself Academy, you will get my whole Proven System that will turn your business into a money-making machine and reduce your stress levels.  Imagine what you would do with the extra time and money. 


I am pleased to say that by using strategies that I learned from the Profit Yourself Healthy Group Course, that our business has doubled its bottom line" - CT Ontario

The best part of Dave's coaching is that he brought back my entrepreneurial drive and my want to succeed in my business" - T.W.

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The Profit Builder Program

Finally!  A program that will help you understand the key elements needed to make a business profitable.  You are about to learn all those things that you were never taught about running your business in school or when you bought that business.  You will learn the Proven Key Areas to focus on to make your business profitable and keep it that way!

Here is a sample of what you’ll discover when you dig into the program :

How to Distinguish Your Business from Your Competition

  • Strategizing your business to reach its profit potential

  • Gaining clarity on what you do and why you do it

  • Identifying what makes you unique and what draws customers to you

  • Defining the ideal customer so you can find more like them

  • Identify where your sales come from

  • Uncover ideas about where you could look to grow your business



Marketing Strategies that Work to Attract the Customers you Want

- Setting the Bait-

-Learn the steps of marketing so you can apply them in your business

-Find out why your current marketing probably stinks

-Determine the factors that influence why customers buy from you (or don’t)

-Learn how to turn prospects into customers

-Inexpensive marketing techniques that work to build your business

 Advertising in the Digital Age

-Find out why people love babies but hate your advertising

-Understand the three things that every ad needs to have

-Creative ways you can advertise without spending much money

-Learn how you can get prospective customers to buy what you advertise

-Determine the best amount to spend on your advertising

-Learn tips on what works and what doesn’t for online advertising


 Profiting From the Customers You already Have

  • Learn how to figure out the actual dollar value of each customer you have

  • Understand Why businesses lose customers

  • The 4 things you can do to retain customers and reduce customer turnover

  • Gain clarity on what you need to do to build trust with your current customers

  • Discover the techniques how you can increase sales from your existing customers


Increasing Conversion Rates for Greater Profit

-What are conversion rates?

-How you can measure your conversions of prospects to customers

-Understand clearly the risks that customers take in buying from you

-Strategies that will reduce those customer risks and help you get more buyers

 How To Sell More with Less effort

  • 5 Reasons why you need to have a trained sales team

  • Why sales models work

  • The DB Sales Cycle

  • Learn how to Building trust with prospects

  • How to discover the purpose of your prospect

  • Questions you can ask to uncover the pain or pleasure and their reason for purchasing

  • How to ask about budget

  • Understanding your customers decision process

  • How to present the solution

  • What you need to do after you have sold to your customer


 How to Increase Your Margins without Losing Customers

  • What are margins and why they are important

  • Learn the difference between Margins and Markups

  • Do you have the correct margin – how to determine the best margin

  • Understand the 15 or more things you can do to improve your margin

 Optimal Pricing for Optimal Profit

  • How you can charge more and have happier clients

  • Why you should consider raising some of your prices

  • Understand that your customers want value and not a deal

  • The science of pricing

  • How pricing affects sales

  • Considerations in pricing

  • Understand why some businesses use different pricing models and how you can too

  • Discover lesser known pricing models that might just get you more profits

  • How to test prices in a small business

  • Why you should use different prices


 How to reduce your expenses for greater profit

  • Discover where you are most likely to find expenses that you can cut

  • Where you can find savings that most business owners miss

  • How to turn advertising expenses into revenue sources

  • What is lean what you need to do to run a lean company

  • Super profits and how you can motivate your staff with incentives

 How to Increase Your Average Sale

  • Discover how to get each customer buying more.

  • Learn what others are doing to increase their average sale

  • Try proven techniques in your business that will help with your average sale

Improve Your Profit Potential

  • Understand what profits do so that you can make more

  • Discover what motivates you to unlock your profit potential

  • Plan for your future and understand why plans work

  • Uncover the things you can do to ensure your success

  • Identify blocks to your potential

  • Learn how to turn your brain into a profit opportunity seeker

  • Develop your own plan for a happy and successful future


The Profit Model – Understanding how your business works so that you can make profits!

  • Identify the 7 factors that drive your business and your profits

  • Discover what every business has in common

  • Understand where you need to focus your energy to get the best returns on your investment

  • Learn some of the pitfalls of the business model and what to avoid

  • Uncover how you can start creating a business that has profit potential


Developing a Business Strategy:

  -Understand what a target market is

-Learn the reasons why you need to have a target market a fishing location

- How to determine what pond, target market is best suited to you

- Identify specific reasons why your target customers need you

- Gain clarity on the results you can provide for your customers

-Choose the top benefit your customers will get from buying from you

- Scripting what you do and why you do it


The Monthly Report Cards

  • Discover how to use the business report cards

  • Learn how to read your business statements so they make sense to you

  • Learn how to look at your income statement and quickly determine what is right and what needs to be fixed

  • View your balance sheet in a new light so that it work to help you manage your business

  • Gain clarity on what statements you need printed each month

  • Determine what your breakeven point is


The Key Performance Indicators and why you need them

  • Learn that what gets measured gets managed

  • Determine the key performance indicators that you need to track each and every month

  • Understand where to find this information so that it’s easy to get

  • Gain clarity on what areas of your business make a dramatic difference

  • Develop your own profitability tracker and reporting system

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So now you’re probably Wondering  "Dave, how EXACTLY are you going to teach me?”.

  1. How do I get my business to Earn more so I can worry less?

  2. How do I generate more sales from my existing customers?

  3. How do I drive more customers to my business?

  4. How do I increase the amount of people that buy from me once they come in contact with my business?

  5. How do I raise my average sale?

  6. How do I get a higher Gross Margin quickly?

  7. Where do I look so I can reduce my expenses?

  8. Most importantly, how will I generate more profit?


Great Questions!  Here is my answer!

I have designed this Profit Yourself Healthy Academy to go much deeper than even many of the MBA courses that are offered and that I took myself!  The Academy is specifically designed for successful small business owners like you to learn (in a non-pressured environment) the skills that business owners need to get their businesses profitable.  You are not going to be alone when you go through this.  I am not getting you to sign up and then walking away.  I really want you to succeed, and I am going to be here each step of the way for the next 6 months while you transform your business and your life.


Here are the Specifics of how the PYH Academy will work!

You’ll be sent an invitation to join our exclusive online forum.  Here is  where the training is posted along with notes, worksheets, samples, and more.

You’ll be guided step by step through the webinars, videos, and worksheets for each training module so you can come to the live group coaching sessions with me fired up and ready to go!

There are 2 Monthly Coaching sessions a month so that you’ll have the time you need to discuss what you have learned, share how you are doing, and gather ideas from other business owners by hearing about what has worked for them. Plus, you’ll get recordings of all the calls so that you can go back over them if you need to.


AND to make sure you have everything you need to succeed and make this a total no-brainer, I’m also throwing in these additional bonuses.





To recap, here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the Profit Yourself Healthy Academy:

  • 2 monthly group coaching sessions every month  where we will be going over the key factors that influence profitability in your business.

  • Education and training materials are released weekly so that you are not overwhelmed.

  • A chance to share your knowledge with other small business owners and gain some great ideas from them on what has worked to improve their profitability.

  • Time to ask your questions each step of the way so that you are clear about the concepts we are covering.

  • Access into our exclusive training center where you will be guided through each course module as they become available, designed  to be quick and simple to navigate and integrate.

  • Recording of the Profit Builder Program sessions in case you can’t make one or you need to listen again.


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How Much?

I know you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

I can honestly tell you that many business coaches I know in North America have yearlong Mastermind  Groups that cost $799 per month and more. At that price, they tell me that their clients are getting value and making even more money than they thought possible before they joined the group!

At those prices, if you only made $10,000 more in profit, you would be ahead of the game. Whoa, isn’t $10,000 in profit a lot of money?  For some small businesses, $10,000 is more than they make in a year.  But wait…  I hear from my clients regularly who have implemented these systems that they have made a huge difference to their bottom line!  This is what I hear:

“Dave, just wanted to tell you that last quarter we made $27,000 compared to last year when we lost almost $18,000 .”

I am pleased to say that by using strategies that I learned from the Profit Yourself Healthy Group Course, that our business has doubled its bottom line" - CT Ontario

“Thanks Dave, my sales went up from just over $8000 two months ago to over $30,000 last month because of my new focus on getting my business making more money! Thank you again!”

“In the first three months of this year, we made $49,000 more profit than the exact same timeframe as last year! We are on track to double our earnings!

I know that you are going to make money if we still charged $499/ month for the   program. That is so much cheaper than hiring a consultant to come in and tell you what you need to do. In my case, the consultant wanted to charge me $70,000 and going out and getting my MBA instead cost $46,000 including the books!


You must be committed or you wouldn’t have read down so far on the page. You need this program and my heart goes out to you. I know what it was like when my business wasn’t making the money it should have been. I was sweating and wondering how I was going to pay all the bills.  All while knowing that some of my staff were making as much or more money than I was and I had put in the investment in time and money!




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So are you ready to get started?



P.S. Look, let me be honest here. It doesn’t matter to me if you invest in this program or not. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and learn how to get your business really profitable!



Are you ready to reserve your spot?

Or do you still have a few questions?

Q. How exactly is this program going to work?

A. You’ll be sent an invitation to join our exclusive online forum, where you’ll find all trainings, recordings, videos, worksheets, and more. You’ll be guided step-by-step to easily navigate each live Group Coaching Session.

Q. WHO is this Program best for?

A. This method works especially well for small business owners who would like to understand how business works and how they can get their business profitable.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how business works so that you  make money with the business that you are passionate about.  With this knowledge, you will be able to transform your business from a life sentence to a real money making venture that can allow you to enjoy a great lifestyle.

If you have invested your time and money into your business, this program will help show you how you can get paid back and then some!

Q. I don’t have a million dollar business. Will this work for me?

A. You don’t need to have big sales for this program to work for you. In fact, by putting the strategies and knowledge you’ll learn in this program to work, you will move towards having a bigger business that earns more for you if that is what you want! list, a book written or an existing product for this to work wonders for you. In fact, this training will move you toward having all three! 

​Q. Will this really work?

A.  The truth is that this program will work for you and your business and I guarantee it


Profit Yourself Healthy 100% Guarantee: 

My reputation as a Business Coach  is built on getting results, and I won’t let that reputation be tarnished because you are not 100% satisfied.  I only ask that you give the Profit  Builder program a try. If at any time you think that you haven’t made more money than you have paid out, I will gratefully give you a full refund! All you have to do is Ask!

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