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Hi My name is Dave fuller

Lets face it you are more successful than most business owners. Did you know that 30% of business owners never make any money from their business and another 30% are only making wages? The fact is that owning a business can be tough, real tough. I have been in business for over 30 years, starting, running and operating my own businesses.  I have built multi million dollar profitable businesses that employ dozens of people and make money without me even being there.  But that didn't come easy! I learned through the school of hard knocks. Yes I have an MBA, but my biggest learning came from mistakes I made in my businesses before I ever thought about going back to school.

One of my biggest learning curves was when I had a startup company when I was 21.  I started a business called Winewear Fashions to develop and marketed a new product to keep Wine at the right temperature. Like some of you, I did everything, I was in charge of the manufacturing, financing, sales, and marketing as well as the accounting.  I struggled each month to pay the bills.  I ended up selling the company a couple years later and recouped enough to pay back my investors but I was done, finished, exhausted! It took me another couple years later before I forgot how much stress and work can be involved in owning a business and  started another one.

My next business adventure was in Retail. In one of my business courses in college, I said that I would never start a retail business but only a few years later I had a great opportunity to start a health food and gift business with a partner. It took a couple years but I was able to test my marketing skills and got enough business that we expanded. While the business wasn't really profitable, it was growing! My partner (silent except when he wanted to be heard) told me that we were in business to make a profit! In my mind I was in business to help my customers and enjoy the challenge of growing sales. In fact I was making more money in my side business of  buying, renovating, and selling houses than I was in retail.  But something changed. It was me, it was my mindset and I became determined to make money from my business, and make it profitable I did!

But I had failure too. In 1998 we opened a second larger operation in the wrong location.  Like many startups we had problems. Cost overuns, equipment failure, high labor costs, low margins and people problems. In the first year alone we lost $272,000. The bank manager, suppliers and my partner were all calling me weekly to find out where there money was.  My family income (and we had just had a baby and built a new house with a nice big mortgage) had dropped from over $100k to the low $30,000's. I couldn't eat or sleep and all I could think about was fixing this business. (I wish I knew then what I know now, and had a coach to help me through that period).  Like many small business owners my cortisol (stress hormone) levels were through the roof. My blood pressure was high and it was suggested that I go on blood pressure medication at the age of 37! I didn't do that but knew i needed to make some changes to my lifestyle and my business to make it profitable.  I worked hard, learned lots, asked lots of questions, and made some drastic changes to turn the business around and get it profitable. In my business career I have turned businesses around and made them profitable.  I can tell you first hand that on a personal level the difference between having a business that is profitable and one that is failing is huge!


Chances are, your business is not in the bad shape that mine was when it was causing me stress. But lets face it, you would like to make it better! Perhaps you are tired of not getting paid what you are worth! Perhaps you are like many business owners who feel resentful when they sign the vendor and staff paychecks because you could really use some of that money to pay your own bills!  Maybe you would like to spend more time with your family or your hobbies but the business doesnt make enough in your business to hire staff you need to be able to do that.  Maybe you got into business becaue you wanted that lifestyle you though other business owners had but now you are thinking that your business is more like a life-sentence than a lifestyle? If you are starting to feel like you need some help in getting your business really profitable, you are in the right place!


This Profit Yourself Healthy Academy  is for business people like you who have been successful in owning and operating a business but need to get it to the next level, a level where you can enjoy the profits of your business without doing all the work to keep it profitable.


Your life, your relationships, your stress levels are so much better when your business is making good profit. You have money to hire the right people. Profits allow you to take the time put systems in place that enable you to get out of the weeds of your business and leave the day to day necessities to people who love doing that.  You can take money from your business to invest in other activities or spend on making the life easier for your family and those around you. When your business is making a good profit you don't need to worry about what you will do to support yourself when you retire. You have created something valuable that others will want buy, which gives you freedom.

What is the Profit Yourself Healthy Academy Program?

Great Question....  The Academy is an 12 month group coaching program that is based on my book Profit Yourself Healthy.  With other business owners, you will work through a proven system that has worked for me and my clients in getting them profitable and helping them be healthier both physically and mentally.  Each month we will focus on one key area of your business, we will discuss the concepts and come up with practical solutions to problems that you are facing in that area. After each session you will be inspired to work for that month on improving that particular area of your business.  By the end of the program I guarantee that you will have improved your profits.

You Will Get

12 months of working with and supporting other small business  business owners in the group get yours and their businesses profitable.

2x1.5 hour group coaching session each month for 8 months with me Dave Fuller where we will dive deep into the areas that are critical to getting small businesses really making money for owners like you .  These areas include the  Key Profit Growth Areas of Your Business, Your Profit Potential, KPI’s, Developing Your Business Strategy, Attracting your Ideal Customers, Building your Sales Machine. Improving Your Conversion Rates, Growing your Margins, Pricing for Profit, Where to look to reduce your expenses.

A support Forum where you can ask questions and get answers to your business challenges.

Bonus:  Online Course

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